Meet Mila

Several years ago I purchased a reusable grocery bag that ripped within a week of use. It was unattractive, poorly made and plastic. My mission since then has been to create eco-friendly, durable and functional art used in the everyday world.

I have a simple and expressive approach to my work that is laced with a touch of whimsy. My background in fabric design and printmaking is the foundation for rendering strong images that are rich with color and personality.

One of my favorite parts of the batik process is the sense of freedom when the hot wax touches canvas. The flow is like a river, better guided than tamed. It is in these first moments that the personality of the piece is born.

With a vigorous appetite for life and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, my goal is to share with people my visionary process, colorful love of nature and sense of balance through a sustainable, practical and organic medium.